The Baby Room

Our Baby Room is brightly coloured and has a balance of soft equipment for infants and crawlers and more physically challanging equipment for prewalker and walkers. We caters for only six babies which allows us to provide the personal level of care that babies need to develop physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Our Babyroom has a seperate, temperature regulated cot room that is monitored and recorded regularly to ensure babies are safe and confortable while sleeping. Our baby menu is specially adapted to suit each level of ability within the room and caters for various dietery restrictions or preferences from parents.

We invite parents to spend as much time as possible getting to know the members of staff and to discuss on a one to one basis their baby’s routine or their concerns and worries associated with leaving their baby in unfamiliar surroundings and in the care of new people. All of our induction time is free to parents.

We introduce even our youngest babies to our Highscope Curriculum which involves the use of open ended materials e.g. water, sand, clay, paint and playdough. This ensures babies are stimulated and develop an interest in the world around them.

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