Here at Mellow Spring Childcare Development Centre we pride ourselves on providing a home away from home environment for all of the children. Our centre provides facilities for Babies, Waddlers, Toddlers, Pre School, ECCE Pre School, and Afterschool children.

Our Baby Room
Our Baby Room caters for only six babies which allows us to provide the personal level of care that babies need to develop both physically and intellectually. We invite parents to spend as much time as possible getting to know the members of staff and to discuss on a one to one basis their baby’s routine or their concerns and worries associated with leaving their baby in unfamiliar surroundings and in the care of new people. All of our induction time is free to parents We introduce even our youngest babies to our Highscope Curriculum which ensures the use of open ended materials e.g. water, sand, clay, paint and playdough. This is evident by the use of numerous photographs that are on display throughout the centre.

Our Waddler Room
Our Waddler Room has a well balanced routine with lots of time for rest and free play. When babies are developmentally ready they move to the waddler room, the move is a very gradual and a well structured procedure. The waddlers enjoy a wide range of activities with their key worker as well as lots of group time with an assortment of stories, nursery rhymes and songs. Here at Mellow Spring we understand that waddlers need lots of love and one on one attention and we strive to provide this throughout the day.

Our Toddler Room
Our Toddler Room provides a much more structured routine for 2 -3 year old children. We like to encourage the toddlers to become more independent in their feeding habits and their ability to help themselves. They are also encouraged to plan their daily routine using the Highscope Curriculum approach and they are also exposed to a wide range of open ended materials developing their imagination and their creativity skills.

Our Pre School Rooms
Our Pre School Rooms main goal is to ensure that all of the children are school ready and full of confidence when they leave Mellow Spring. We achieve this by using our Highscope Curriculum where children plan out their own activities, carry them out and later review activities with their key worker. We plan our curriculum to ensure that all of the children develop in a holistic way and have ample opportunities to develop physically, intellectually, linguistically, emotionally and socially. We work closely with local schools to develop a school ready programme and we welcome both teachers and school completion officers to visit our centre and meet the children in a safe and familiar environment.. Our pre school children leave Mellow Spring with great confidence in their ability to face “Big School”.

Our After-School Room
Our After-School Room caters for children from the ages of 5 – 12 years of age. Our programme includes a homework club, science experiments, basic computer skills, arts and crafts, outdoor activities and chill out time w. We offer a home made hot meal on arrival and ensure that each child has the opportunity to unwind after a busy day at school.

The ECCE Scheme
The ECCE Scheme offers a 3hour per day, free pre school service for age appropriate children. Our ECCE scheme is incorporated into three pre schools classrooms, ensuring that all of our children have been given ample opportunities to develop holistically and are confident and school ready at the end of their time at Mellow Spring.

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