Our ECCE Room

The ECCE Scheme offers a 3hour per day, free pre school service for age appropriate children. Our current ECCE hours are 9-12 and 2-5. We also offer additional hours at a rate of €4.50 per hour. The age eligibility for September 2014 is 2nd February 2010-30th June 2011.

Our ECCE scheme is incorporated into three pre schools rooms, ensuring that all children have ample opportunity to develop holistically and are confident and school ready at the end of their time at Mellow Spring. All Preschool practitioners meet reqularly to ensure they are meeting the needs of children in preparation for Formal school. During these meetings plans, routines and activities are organised according to the children's ability. The ECCE Preschool runs on a Highscope routine meaning that children plan activities, carry out plans and then follow up with a review of the plans with a key worker. Key workers are assigned to each child at the start of term. Children enjoy a full programme of planned and spontanious activities each day. The ECCE preschool concentrates on child centred enjoyable group time where each child is encouraged to take part in singing, rhymes, name games and stories. Numbers and letters are introduced to the children in a practical and fun way to build a foundation for future learning.
Outdoor play is part of our daily routine and this is an opportunity for children to exercise,form social connections and play large muscle games. Our large garden is covered by a safety surface ensuring children are safe while running and playing in the outdoors. We have a planting garden at the side of our garden that encourages and promotes an understanding of the environment and other living creatures and plants.
We welcome and encourage parental involvement and strive to provide a diverse learning environment that will provide knowledge and understanding of other cultures, customs and way of life.

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