Our After School Room

Our AfterSchool Room caters for children from the ages of 5 – 12 years of age.

Our programme includes a homework club, science experiments, basic computer skills, arts and crafts, outdoor activities and chill out time. Our extended programme now includes a fitness class in the local gym, an organised team sport in the youth centre and a visit to the swimming pool one day per week.

We offer a home made hot meal on arrival and ensure that each child has the opportunity to unwind after a busy day at school. Afterschool club is an opportunity to meet friends and mix with other children in a safe an organised environment. We are fully aware that children who attend formal school have very different expectations of a creche or club and aim to meet each childs individual interests and abilities.

Our outdoor space is used by Afterschool children between 4-5pm and in that time both free play and organised games take place. The new planting area is very popular with our older children who have taken ownership and responsibility for maintaining the numerous flowers and plants that are growing there.

Our Afterschool club runs throughout the year meaning that the worry over mid term breaks is a worry of the past. Special activities and trips are organised for this important time in an Afterschoolers break from formal education.

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