Mission Statement


Mission Statement

Mellow Spring have adopted High/Scope as the driving force behind our early years’ education curriculum to ensure that all children are provided with a safe, education-centered environment, based on Siolta standards, in which play is valued as part of a child’s growth and development.

Siolta Standards are the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education.

  1. Our mission is to establish Mellow Spring Childcare Development Centre as a place of welcome, understanding, support and encouragement for families residing in the community who wish to use the services.
  2. To recognise the uniqueness of each individual child within an atmosphere of collective responsibility and wide social understanding.
  3. To established the Centre for the sole charitable purpose of providing a quality facility dedicated to the care, educational and developmental needs of the young children and their family especially those who are identified as being most in need through the provision of a range of educational, recreational, developmental, social and support activities to children from 3 months to 14 years.
  4. To manage and maintain the childcare facility to the highest standards. To develop the facility as the focal point for childcare service provision in Finglas with special emphasis on disadvantaged families in accordance with the criteria of the Equal Opportunities Childcare Programme and the vision of the Board of Mellow Spring.
  5. To allocate office-space where available to family counsellors, therapists, public health nurses who will provide added value to the service.
  6. To meet the tenancy requirements of Dublin City Council with regard to the lease agreement and other agreements in relation to usage of the Centre and to maintain and insure the building. To meet all legal responsibilities both in relation to managing the Centre, and employing staff, through the promotion of good practice in accordance with all relevant legislation.
  7. To provide a range of developmental, social, recreational and support programmes and activities to children between the ages of 3 months and 14 years. To achieve this, the Centre will provide childcare services and programmed activities focused on meeting current gaps in service provision in consultation with people in the community.
  8. To lobbying and advocating on the children’s behalf and to develop and promote innovative models of good childcare practice aimed at improving the life chances and opportunities for the children.
  9. To disseminate relevant childcare information to parents and the wider community. To provide training in all matters relevant to the best interest of the child and his/her family. To organise courses and activities to assist parents in their role as first educators of their child.

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