Mellow Spring Childcare has a healthy eating policy. All food served is prepared in our full industrial level kitchen with two dedicated members of staff providing all the childrens’ nourishment and dietary care. We have worked closely with a Nutritional Therapist to develop menus which provide a balanced diet and help to introduce new tastes and flavours to the children. We regularly run country theme days which centre on the relevant cuisine of the country and also do traditional Irish foods at festival times through the year.

Breakfast, dinner and tea are served every day and the children have fruits and drinks mid morning. The After School Group also get a hot meal when they come into the centre and we find this helps with concentration for homework club and their afternoon activities. Our menus rotate regularly and change with the seasonal availability of produce to ensure everything they consume is as fresh as possible.

Cooking with the children is also an important part of our programme, so that children understand where food comes from and can develop a healthy relationship with food and engage in the creative process of preparing food. The Centre has a lot of experience in dealing with special dietary requirement/ needs and are happy to work with parents to ensure your child gets the best of care.

For our full range of healthy menus click on the links below.

Spring / Summer Menu
Autumn / Winter Menu

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