The Highscope Program

In a Highscope setting the daily routine is organised around the particular needs and interests of each child. Activity options are displayed in each room in words and pictures, so all children can understand and select what is coming next.

A day in a Highscope setting is broken down into Greeting time, Plan Do Review, Small and Large Group times, Outside Time, Meal times, and Home time.

What happens in a Highscope setting?

  • Children are actively involved in all aspects of the learning experiences throughout the session.
  • Children plan their activities, carry out their plans and have a chance to review what they did and how they did it with their key worker.
  • Children choose their activities from a wide selection available in each room and are able to use a range of equipment, thereby encouraging decision making within parameters, and when they have used the equipment, they return the materials at ‘tidy up time’.
  • Children are encouraged to solve problems themselves by developing problem solving skills which they will be able to use in school and for the rest of their lives.
  • Children are supported and guided during times of conflicts with their peers, and encouraged to sort out their differences through peaceful conflict resolution.
  • During the day children have the opportunity to play alone, in groups (small and large), and with adults, particularly their key worker.
  • Staff use observations of the children to encourage individual development and learning, and to prepare specific activities to assist with further develop.

As in other curriculums children have opportunities to learn through play with natural open-ended materials such as water, sand, play dough, and paint on a daily basis. They use puzzles, books and songs to have fun and learn about the world around them. They engage in outdoor activities and free play. They are encouraged to try new activities and of course to use all the equipment chosen to develop new and existing skills for now and the future.

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