The service is committed to developing a curriculum which creates a child-centred, play-based environment which empowers young children to actively pursue their own learning.

This process is facilitated by adults, who provide appropriate, timely, balanced intervention, as well as support, continuity and progression. They will encourage positive attitudes towards and a love of learning.

The service recognises that the establishment of daily routines is essential for all young children in our care.

We strive to provide a programme of activities which encourage the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, creative and language development of the children who attend the service.

All activities will be age-appropriate and will be modified to meet the needs and abilities of the individual child.

It will encourage children to think for themselves and will encourage a responsible attitude toward each other and our environment.

Staff have regular meetings to plan and review activities within each area of our facility and to consider the needs of individual children.

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