A Mother’s Testimonial (Elaine)

Roisín is my only child and has been attending Mellow Spring Childcare Development Center since March 15th, 2009. From the first day she entered Mellow Spring she loved it. Now she will ask me at the weekend to go school to see her teachers (I’m starting to feel a wee bit jealous). I never have any issue leaving her for the day in fact it’s quite the opposite. I know Roisin is well looked after and cared for. Roisin had been attending speech therapy but since attending Mellow Spring she has thrived in all areas of development, her speech has improved immensely, every day she says new words and now has a huge vocabulary. This is a huge relief to me.

Her physical development has improved and her appetite is great and extremely varied due to the great menu on offer at Mellow Spring. I can take Roisin to any restaurant and I find her something to eat (she loves her fruit and salads).

Roisín’s days are filled with play, learning, stimulation and social interaction through which she has developed a wonderful personality. I know a great deal of planning, thought and effort goes into the days activates and this is so evident in the art work I receive, the songs I hear, the cakes I receive, the funny stories and rhymes she recites for me and much more. The management and staff always make learning and playtime really fun and well balanced.

One the best things for me being a first time mother: I can tell the staff about Roisíns routine and any other concerns and all is taken on board and implemented plus all the guidance, support and advice I received when I request it. Some examples: Potty training, behavioral management and bed time routines etc. I have seen Roisin grow from a quite child who did not say a word into an excited, bubbly chatter box with a fabulous personality. All of this is due to the management and staff at Mellow Spring. Staff not only teach, they also tend to Roisíns physical needs. I know they care and show a great deal of genuine love for her. I’m for ever grateful to Mellow Spring to me It’s like a home from home for Roisin. I can not recommend it enough.


Testimonial from Kathleen (son is Callum in our Toddler Room)

“Mellow Spring is a childcare centre with a difference. As well as giving my child the primary care he needs, such as good nutrition and a well structured day of activities, the staff at Mellow Spring offer an holistic approach to care for my Son. This gives him a well-rounded experience which, in my view, has aided his overall development. As a parent this is very important to me, as I can feel at ease when leaving him in the care of Mellow Spring.


Testimonial from Lorraine (daughter Keira is now in After – School)

Keira has been attending Mellow Spring Childcare Development Centre since August 2008. She was only 1 ½ years old and the thoughts of leaving her with people I didn’t know was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Keira has come on leaps and bounds during this time, she has made many friends and loves the girls who have looked after her since she started there.

I would like to thank the staff and management for their wonderful smiles, help, care and professionalism and for putting my mind at rest and for making Keira feel at ease. I know Keira is well looked after and cared for while I am at work and this is a huge comfort to me.


Testimonial from Julia (Caitlin’s Mum) regarding Mellow Spring

Our daughter has been attending Mellow Spring Childcare Development from 10 months old (2008)and come November(2011) she will be turning 4.

Before deciding to enroll our daughter in Mellow Spring we viewed several other childcare providers, yet after viewing Mellow Spring facilities we immediately knew we wished to enroll out daughter here. When our daughter started in Mellow Spring she was in the baby room & has progressed right through from the baby room to the waddler room next onto the toddler room & is now in the pre-school room. The staff here have been caring & supportive of her every step along the way, helping to encouraging her to develop her individual personality while also helping to teach her how to be develop friendships with the other children in her rooms & be respectful of others.

One of the many things I appreciate about Mellow Spring Childcare Development is when my daughter is collected at the end of the day the staff always give us a quick rundown of our daughters activities from that day – be it singing songs, drawing/painting pictures, pretend play (dress up etc), water play or playing outside in the garden. The staff always try to allow the children as much outside play as can be allowed with the Irish weather as the crèche has great selection of toys for all ages in the garden and recently games are stenciled on the ground of the garden. Another thing which I really like about the staff of Mellow Spring is how friendly & loving the staff are towards the children, they actively engage with all the children & the staff seem to know the name of the children regardless of which room the children are in.

Our daughter gets a wonderfully varied diet of food everyday in crèche – from selection of breakfast cereals, plenty of fruit or healthy snacks through out the day to the amazing dinners offered. It is truly wonderful in this day and age to have a 3 1/2 yr old who will eat almost any type of food from the lamb couscous to coddle to vegetable curry to spaghetti bolognese and a lot of that is down to Mellow Spring as they offer such a wonderful selection of food to the children in every room right down to the baby room.

It is very reassuring to know if ever we have an issue or question regarding our daughters care in Mellow Spring the staff are always will to answer our questions in a pleasant & informative way. The management staff of the crèche has always been very easy to approach when asking questions – they are very knowledgeable about regulations of childcare and of early childcare development techniques which is one of the reasons the staff introduced “the High Scope Program” in recent years. In a Highscope setting the daily routine is organised around the particular needs and interests of each child. Activity options are displayed in each room in words and pictures, so all children can understand and select what is coming next. A day in a Highscope setting is broken down into Greeting time, Plan Do Review, Small and Large Group times, Outside Time, Meal times, and Home time.

Mellow Spring has such confidence in its staff and facilities that they operate an open door policy with the parents of the children attending the centre – they encourage the parents to drop in at any stage during the day if they want to check up on how their children are being cared for. This gives us parents a lot of reassurance about how our children are being looked after. We find it very comforting to know not just anyone could come in & out of the crèche as all visitors & parents can only enter the property by ringing a bell & waiting on a member of staff to let them in – all children must be signed in & out of the crèche.

Mellow Spring is an exceptional facility with exceptional staff- it’s a purpose built crèche which is so well kept with extremely cheerful decor. The staff have passion for what they do & love for the children they care for.

I can’t speak highly enough about the care and attention that my daughter has received over the years. Whether it’s a hug, an exciting art product, a conversation about what it means to be a friend, group time on the carpet for an engaging story, my daughter looks forward to her daily adventures at crèche. Mellow Spring has provided my daughter with such fun times, precious friendships and a strong foundation to build on in the years to come. When I recently gave birth to our second child it was obvious to us both were we would be sending him when I go back to work after my maternity leave it could only be Mellow Spring.

I am looking forward to many more happy memories for my children in this wonderful crèche. Thank you for helping to shape who are children are going to be.

Julia & David

Mellow Spring have adopted High/Scope as the driving force behind our early years’ education curriculum to ensure that all children are provided with a safe, education-centered environment, based on Siolta standards, in which play is valued as part of a child’s growth and development.

Siolta Standards are the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education.

  1. Our mission is to establish Mellow Spring Childcare Development Centre as a place of welcome, understanding, support and encouragement for families residing in the community who wish to use the services.
  2. To recognise the uniqueness of each individual child within an atmosphere of collective responsibility and wide social understanding.
  3. To established the Centre for the sole charitable purpose of providing a quality facility dedicated to the care, educational and developmental needs of the young children and their family especially those who are identified as being most in need through the provision of a range of educational, recreational, developmental, social and support activities to children from 3 months to 14 years.
  4. To manage and maintain the childcare facility to the highest standards. To develop the facility as the focal point for childcare service provision in Finglas with special emphasis on disadvantaged families in accordance with the criteria of the Equal Opportunities Childcare Programme and the vision of the Board of Mellow Spring.
  5. To allocate office-space where available to family counsellors, therapists, public health nurses who will provide added value to the service.
  6. To meet the tenancy requirements of Dublin City Council with regard to the lease agreement and other agreements in relation to usage of the Centre and to maintain and insure the building. To meet all legal responsibilities both in relation to managing the Centre, and employing staff, through the promotion of good practice in accordance with all relevant legislation.
  7. To provide a range of developmental, social, recreational and support programmes and activities to children between the ages of 3 months and 14 years. To achieve this, the Centre will provide childcare services and programmed activities focused on meeting current gaps in service provision in consultation with people in the community.
  8. To lobbying and advocating on the children’s behalf and to develop and promote innovative models of good childcare practice aimed at improving the life chances and opportunities for the children.
  9. To disseminate relevant childcare information to parents and the wider community. To provide training in all matters relevant to the best interest of the child and his/her family. To organise courses and activities to assist parents in their role as first educators of their child.

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